My work is a multidisciplinary practice with drawing and painting at the core.  Depending on the project, I might include other materials and methods including printmaking, drawing, sewing and embroidery or glass.

I have always had paint and sewing machines in my studio.  People have been painting on walls since living in caves.  As long as women have been sewing, they've been using embroidery to tell their individual global stories.  Recently, I have introduced digital embroidery to my practice.  The process includes scanning my original drawings into the embroidery machine which mirrors the activity of tattooing, a “forgotten American folk art.”  The needle moves through the fabric, distributing thread rather than ink as evidence of an individual's courage and empowerment.

I am curious about the human condition reflected in our world today: relationships between culture and nature, young and old, the urban and the rural, art and craft, rich and poor, the feminine and the masculine.

Currently I have been very interested in exploring glass murals and  transforming my designs into panels or a wall of glass. 

Masters Degree︎︎︎New Mexico State University
BFA︎︎︎San Diego State University
Founder︎︎︎More Love, Love More
Director of Studio Practice︎︎︎San Francisco Art Institute
Faculty︎︎︎San Francisco Art Institute